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Touring the Region

There's plenty to do and see in Stanhope.


Fonterra Legendairy Mural

Located at Fonterra Cheese Factory on the Midland Highway, this impressive mural is made up of 11,000 individual photos from the community!


Sir John McEwen Statue

Located at McEwen Place Stanhope, this commemorates the former Prime Minster of Stanhope from year 1967 to 1968

BC Mural.JPG

Town history mural

Located on the Stanhope Business Centre Building, retelling the timeline and iconic moments from the town's past.

Touring the Region: What We Do

Many Makers Gallery

A expertly curated gallery and gift shop featuring local and renowned artists. The perfect place to view and purchase work by Australian creatives.

Touring the Region: What We Do

Rail Trail development

A rail trail from our neighbouring town Girgarre to Stanhope is currently being developed. This will form a future art projects for the region - so watch this space!


Community Art Space

Located in Station park, there's always an interesting exhibition to view.

Touring the Region: What We Do
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